Think back 8-10 weeks ago, what your daily routine entailed. For most, it meant getting up early, grabbing a quick breakfast, hopping in the car, and fighting traffic on the way to your office for the day. It was a routine that many of us found ourselves mired in our entire careers.

Fast track to where you find yourselves now … worldwide adoption of social-distancing measures in response to the coronavirus pandemic and many people are suddenly finding themselves in a state of chaos. The new norm has seen homes becoming temporary offices and many business activities shifting online.

As a result, the increased need for teleconference and virtual collaboration tools, as well as full ERP systems available in the cloud is a reality.

The shift to remote working sees companies moving their CRM to the cloud, utilizing Office 365, Microsoft Teams and the entire Microsoft Power Platform. With servers that are hosting their OnPremise ERP needing updates, which means costly hardware investments, the next logical step is to migrate their ERP to the cloud.

Business owners find themselves rethinking their decisions as to which business application is best suited to run their business post-COVID-19. The decision to steer their investments to enable staff better to access essential systems while working remotely does not have to be budget constraining.

Microsoft Business Central SaaS, combined with VOX ISM’s Vertical App and templated implementation services, drives down costs as we head into this post-COVID-19 world. Monthly subscription licensing, hosted on Azure multi-tenant, ensures companies are utilizing the latest version in a highly secure environment.

Running your business by the adage, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,’ will lead your company down a slippery slope — until one day something happens and suddenly everything familiar is broken. Welcome to the new norm!

Make the right business decision and call VOX ISM today to see how we can help mitigate future uncertainty.

David Barsanti – Account Executive

David has 20+ years of relationship sales experience, with special emphasis and proven success in developing and maintaining existing and new accounts.

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