The Visual Advanced Production Scheduler (VAPS) is the first finite capacity scheduling extension ever designed for Dynamics 365 Business Central. Being fully integrated with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP, the VAPS ensures faster and informed decision making, better resource utilization and hence, happier clients.

Visual Production Scheduler_Netronic

We’ve repeatedly heard planners asking for the best way to evaluate the impact of squeezing a rush order into the published schedule. Or wondering how to accelerate the rescheduling process of production orders when a machine breaks down, or an operation takes longer than expected. Some planners mentioned their struggle with identifying bottlenecks. If you feel like you can relate, then we have the solution to fixing it.

Visual Advanced Production Scheduler turns all manufacturing related tables from Dynamics 365 Business Central into an interactive and comprehensive schedule view. Machine center reassignment and date rearrangements are now some mouse-clicks away. In addition to these core functionalities, the VAPS enhances the standard Manufacturing module by providing the planner with the opportunity to multiple schedule simulations, review material availability per production order, alternative machine centers, and meaningful colour schemes, among others.

Visual Production Scheduler_Netronic

With finite capacity, we guarantee you’ll build a schedule you can deliver. The VAPS will make sure you never overload machine centers. As a result, any change in the schedule will trigger the automatic recalculation of the entire schedule. Whether it’s a simplex routing, a complex one, a serial or parallel routing, this principle will apply. The VAPS may push operations in time to postpone its’ start according to the set up you decide.

To learn more about Visual Advanced Production Scheduler, join Martin Karlowitsch, CEO – NETRONIC Software at the Best Manufacturing Apps Virtual Conference on May 26.