“The reality is that the cost of implementing a mid-market to high-end accounting software system will typically range from 1:1 to 2:1 compared to the cost of the software.” ~ J. Carlton Collins, CPA 

Vox ISM Vertical Accelerator reduces implementation and training costs with software customized for the Canadian market by industry specific verticals.

Vox ISM Vertical Accelerator includes:

  1. Sixty-nine pre-written Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for every job and department within your company.
  2. Online training videos for each software module.

As a Certified Microsoft Dynamics Partner, we developed our Vertical Accelerator to shorten implementation time, reduce risk and optimize benefits to increase your bottom line.

Reduce Training Costs and Increase Productivity

One common truth that seems to play out time and time again in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations, training is squeezed into tight timeframes at the end of project with limited resources. Often this is the result of poor planning and project management of time, budget and resources throughout the life of the implementation.

Beyond the initial software training at the time of implementation, ongoing training should be offered to support staff turnover, software updates and general application erosion.

Voluntary Turnover Rates

According to the Conference Board of Canada, voluntary and involuntary turnover continues to creep upwards. The 2012-13 voluntary rate was 7.3 per cent, with theScientific and Technical Industry having the highest involuntary turnover rate at 6.4 per cent.

To learn more about changes in voluntary turnover rates over the years and for more breakdowns of voluntary and involuntary turnover by sector and industry download the Compensation Planning 2014 report.

Less known and appreciated by most organizations is “application erosion.” This is the slow deterioration of a solution’s value to a business over time. This can happen when the application is not being used as intended by the original design (garbage in – garbage out). This may be caused by:

  • Lack of system maintenance or poorly configured solutions which lead to ad hoc work-a-rounds, or
  • Poorly trained staff, often a result of high staff turnover.

Even if a system has a rock solid implementation, over time, use will eventually lead to the system’s demise if an organization is not aware of the role its own staff have on contributing to application erosion.

Application Erosion Error

Vox ISM Vertical Accelerator ensures that you are up and running within budget and on-time. Our online training videos provide comprehensive detail to properly train your staff to ensure they are using the system to its fullest capability. Training facilitates employee buy-in, reduces resistance to change (in most situations), and contributes to a smooth transition from current to state to an organization’s desired goal.

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