TrueCommerce’s integrated cloud software solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 make it easy to grow your sales and manage your order processes from a single, unified solution. With 25+ years of experience integrating with Microsoft Dynamics 365, TrueCommerce connects directly to your Dynamics 365 environment, helping you accelerate order processing and scale your operations.

Supply Chain Integrations for Dynamics 365 Business Central BMAC 2020

Today’s manufacturing supply chains are complex and rapidly changing. Manufacturers need to adapt to the changing market landscape to continue to grow and remain relevant, often by establishing new sales, procurement, or distribution channels. As supply chain complexity and velocity increase, many manufacturers hit a wall, when managing their operations manually is no longer an option.

Traditionally, manufacturers have seen these benefits through leveraging EDI. But now, many are looking to gain efficiencies across their supply chain, while working with a broader range of partners.

Whether you’re looking to integrate business transactions via EDI or integrate online sales from popular marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay or storefronts like Shopify and Magento, TrueCommerce can help.

TrueCommerce takes data from different order channels and integrates them directly into and out of Dynamics 365. In doing so, the solution eliminates manual retyping while ensuring data consistency and accuracy. Automated alerts enable management by exception, so you can quickly address errors, without going through each order individually.

Our E-mail Order Automation for Dynamics 365 takes that connectivity one step further, by enabling you to integrate non-structured orders in an e-mail, PDF, and Excel formats. This allows you to process orders from less technically-mature trading partners and more sophisticated businesses.

To learn more about integrations for Microsoft Dynamics 365, join Steve Norris, VP of Pre Sales Engineering, TrueCommerce at the Best Manufacturing Apps Virtual Conference on May 26.