Financial Process Automation Conference (F-PAC) is Microsoft Canada and VOX ISM’s first-ever conference specially hosted for accounting and finance departments across different industries. F-PAC takes a strategic look at how accounting and finance departments can automate their business processes through advanced software (RPA, AI, IPA, CMP, etc.) to streamline their operations, combat fraud, and better serve their customers.

FPAC 2019

Jim Heaton, President and CEO of VOX ISM, kicked off the conference and introduced all the speakers which include VOX ISM Financial and Business Solutions Team David Cameron, CPA, MBA, David Mo, and Mike Fontaine, as well exhibitors/presenters from Jet Global (Financial Reporting), Zetadocs, (Document Management), Sherweb (Cloud Technology), Tangentia (EDI and RPA), DiCentral (EDI Solutions), KeCommerce (E-Commerce), Prophix (Budgeting), Continia (Business Document Management), and Axiom (IT Security). Jim also started the conference by showing everyone in the room Microsoft’s best accounting apps connected to the Power Platform: CRM, ERP, Office and Power BI.

F-PAC 2019
F-PAC 2019
F-PAC 2019

F-PAC explores significant emerging technologies and, indeed, a one-stop experience to connect with peers, experts and pioneers to discuss best-fit technology solutions. Individuals working in the finance and accounting departments could take advantage of these three great ideas gained from F-PAC:

Optimize to Automize

Accounting & finance departments can optimize their current processes to prepare for automation using Microsoft Dynamics 365, a comprehensive Microsoft solution, built with 43 fully configurable modules available on the cloud and any device. It is role centric and fully integrates with all the Office business applications we all know and love.

Use Artificial Intelligence for Smarter Reporting

Late-nights? Spending too much time on crunching your numbers on Excel? F-PAC explored how Microsoft can help build and validate your financial reporting using Power BI, Microsoft’s business analytics service. With Power BI, you can go from data to insights in minutes – any data, any way, anywhere – all in one view. Power BI allows you to create interactive dashboards, unify self-service and enterprise analytics, accelerate big data prep, stream financial analytics in real-time, find answers fast with industry-leading AI, and turn insights into actions.

Always Think Security

As business technology improves, and so are hackers. Company breaches cannot only affect or disrupt your business but could also have significant damage not only on a financial or monetary level but also, on a relationship level to your client/vendor from disrupted services or supply chain. Trevor Reid, VOX ISM Senior Technology Consultant, talked about some best practices you can implement right now in your department or business to avoid breaches. Some of the points he brought up include: ensuring regular off-site backups, considering end-point security for on-line systems ( VOX ISM offers this package), making sure a backup and disaster recovery plan is in place, educating your staff on best practices and so much more.

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