Last week on November 26, VOX ISM hosted its Customer Appreciation Event 2019 at Microsoft Canada HQ in Mississauga. The agenda of this event was to thanks our customers for choosing us as their Microsoft partner and share with them an exclusive look at Microsoft’s 2020 Technology for Canadian Businesses.

VOX ISM Customer Appreciation Event

The Customer Appreciation event started with a warm welcome at the front desk by our Marketing & Sales Team. VOX ISM presented each customer with a little gift as a token of appreciation.

After all the customers settled in the room, the VOX ISM team kicked off the event with the presentation on Microsoft Technology in 2020, followed by discussing the Business Central Road-map from 2018 to 2022.

The key memo of the presentation was – 

  • Ontario Manufacturing Industry Update
  • Product Licensing Selections
  • Cyber-security
  • Management Reporting
  • Customer Excellence Awards
VOX ISM Customer Appreciation Event_2

Mike Fontaine, Microsoft Solutions Expert, was the first presenter who introduced and demonstrated the capabilities of new Microsoft technology, including: 

  • Power BI
    • Reporting Capability, Visual Dashboard
  • Teams
    • New communication tool with various outstanding capacities 
  • Form
    • Digital forms with customization capacities
  • Power Automate
    • Create flows which can collect data from O365 Apps
  • Business Central and CRM
    • No Programming, Screens Are Configurable
    • Track activities and organizational chars
    • Have Power BI data synced

Those technologies capabilities brought up several questions for attendees and Mike, and Jim Heaton, President of VOX ISM, answered those questions.

Ed Michitsch, General Manager at VOX ISM, was next presented who gave updates on Ontario Manufacturing Industry, compared B2C and B2B growth in current and upcoming years. As he showed, B2B growth is 100% every year, but B2C growth 10%, which in 2021 B2B, which will have an equal portion as B2C in E-Commerce. Are you a part of this? The world is changing fast!

Afterward, Mike came back on the deck and showed Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central capabilities in detail, such as production order, work order BOM and answer attendees’ questions. Then short break gave a chance for the VOX ISM team to have a friendly chat with customers. After the break, Jim explained about price changes, Dynamics 365 CRM licenses and security support that is offered by VOX ISM.

Then Farshad Saadatmand, Project Manager at VOX ISM, joined the presenting team and described the importance of cyber-security and the businesses can prevent themselves from cyber attacks.

Amit Gaikwad, Project Manager at VOX ISM, covered the evolution of management reporting and gave an introduction of Power BI and its capabilities. Eight reasons why should shift reporting from Excel to Power BI were explained in detail, which showed the importance of utilization of new Technology.

As every year, VOX ISM gave the Customer Excellence Award to one of the best customers. This year the Best Customer Award Winner was Romet Limited. Charles Etherington, the IT manager at Romet Limited, received that award and explained briefly about Romet Limited.

VOX ISM Customer Appreciation Event_3
From left: Charles Etherington (Romet Limited), David Barsanti (VOX ISM), Jim Heaton (VOX ISM).

The event ended with an exclusive demo by the VOX ISM team on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and CRM. A big thanks to our customers for joining VOX ISM’s Customer Appreciation Event.

Join our upcoming events at Microsoft Canada HQ in Mississauga.

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