On Wednesday, Microsoft & Vox ISM hosted another successful User Group Meeting (UGM) at the Microsoft building in Mississauga. We had 30 people in the room and 50 people attended remotely by virtual conference.


The breakout sessions were the highlights of the day. They were filled with meaningful, current, and relevant best practices for Controllers, Sales Managers, Owners, and Dynamics users and potential users.   We also had the product managers from Microsoft illustrate how the latest technology from Microsoft can aide in the future growth and efficiency for your company.


Recap of the morning in Detail

The presentations were broken up into 3 sections.   See the detail below.

Technology/Current Today

  • Dynamics NAV 2013  R2 (Update Roll up 5)
  • Dynamics CRM 2013 R2 (Build 51)
  • Office 2013

Best Practices

  • CRM
  • NAV

Vox ISM Solutions

  • NAV & CRM –  Data warehouse and OLAP cubes
  • 4 BI Analytical Cubes, + 20 management reports
  • 50+ other software enhancements
  • 69 SOP’s

 If you would like to attend our next UGM in September, or one of our weekly free training webinars please register on our website at www.voxism.com

Mike Fontaine

April 12 2014