Everywhere you look today you’ll see ads for “AI“, and for good reason – it’s been the #1 topic during 2023 and will continue to be the focused trend for 2024. ChatGPT, Microsoft Co-Pilot and Fabric are just a few of the forms AI has taken and Microsoft is continuing to focus their development on further integrating AI tools into their full suite of products to help companies better position themselves and leverage the huge time-saving automations and insights-driven predictive analysis tools.


The benefits of using AI tools should not be underestimated and it is expected that over the next several years 80-90% of competitive businesses will be utilizing some kind of AI-based tool(s) as part of their standard processes. The sooner you can learn about these tools and implement them yourselves the better position you will be in to stay ahead of the curve and improve you competitiveness and efficiency.


However, it is important to realize that this same “AI logic”  is also being used by Cybercrime “threat-actors” to find new ways to get past your security and trick users into opening themselves up to phishing, malware and ransomware.  Over 80% of all cyber-based breaches still occurs due to human error – someone clicking, accepting or replying to something they shouldn’t.


With this in mind, throughout 2024 Microsoft will be continuing to spend over $1 Billion on Cyber-security alone and will focus their Security development on unique software and services to help mitigate the ongoing threat of AI Cybercrime. They have already developed their Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Software and Planning solution (“MS Purview”) – designed to provide you the software, tools, strategy and guidance to help further protect your data by categorizing the “kinds” of data you have, where it is, how, when and by whom it is accessed and then putting in-place controls to monitor, prevent and predict access to that data and block it as well as provide notifications etc.

Additionally, Microsoft now offers their “Microsoft Security Services for Incident Response” Service, designed to provide you proactive services before an incident occurs as well as breach response and recovery services should the worst happen and you do have a breach.

VOXISM has partnered with Microsoft to provide you a “fast track” to improving your security profile quickly without having to know everything off the bat… giving your IT time to learn more about all the additional security options while you stay more secure. Ask about our “Enhanced Security & Endpoint protection” and “Online Backup” Packages.

Additionally,  “Zero Trust” Policies will become more and more important in 2024, further helping to keep data safe by implementing and enforcing company policies with respect to who has access to what software, screens and data. Again, Microsoft has videos and documentation to help guide you through what this means.

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