Join us in person, or live over the web, for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM and NAV Seminar in Mississauga at Microsoft on June 3rd from 1:00 to 4:00 PM EDT .

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You will learn how Dynamics helps organizations innovate, integrate, collaborate and transform themselves to generate real value for their customers and all stakeholders.


Dynamics CRM Session

What is CRM – How does it work?
An introduction to how a customer relationship management works from start to finish

  • Implementing a marketing strategy
  • Calculating marketing success through revenue generation
  • Refining and automating the sales process
  • Ensuring the needs and concerns of your customers are taken care of

Internet facing deployment the foundation for mobility
A non-technical explanation on what IFD is and how to setup followed by hands on demonstration of

  • Phone interface
  • Tablet applications
  • Web access Clients
  • Customer Portals

How to increase your CRM Productivity using Outlook
A practical training session on how to use Outlook integrated to CRM

  • Converting emails to leads or complaints
  • Recording emails, phone calls, tasks, appointments
  • Drag and drop scheduling with shared calendars

 Next generation features of CRM

  • Review of Dynamics CRM roadmap with Microsoft Product Manager
  • Top 5 – future features
  • How to upgrades are managed

Dynamics NAV Session

Introduction to NAV – Why do we need ERP?
An introduction to how an integrated an ERP system works, eliminating duplicate data entry and communicating changes real time.

  • Enter quote
  • Convert to order
  • Generate picking instructions
  • Ship and Invoice
  • Apply Cash

Reinventing business productivity to maximize customer value
Your staff is probably wasting 25-35% of their time searching and gathering information or communicating and collaborating internally. Microsoft’s productivity tools are now integrated into the business systems, allowing them to provide the right communication to the right people, right away. We’ll demonstrate how new approaches and software facilitate

  • Modern meetings
  • Content creation
  • Personalized Insight to make decisions

Data will change your business, it’s up to you how much
What is the difference between management reporting and business intelligence?
What does the modern executive need to run a company?
What are the different methods available?
How do I get started?

Tech-Talk: Managed Services
Vox is now offering managed information technology services. This allows your company to save money while benefiting from higher performance and increased flexibility by outsourcing IT. You set the strategy and leave the everyday tasks to us.

  • What are the requirements for a modern day business system
  • On-premise Server vs Cloud vs Co-located
  • Infrastructure, networking
  • Devices

Next generation features of NAV

  • Review of Dynamics NAV roadmap with Microsoft Product Manager
  • Top 5 – future features
  • How to upgrades are managed