Microsoft Dynamics Shortcuts

Save your wrist AND time with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 shortcuts.

1. General Shortcuts

Ctrl+Shift+5 Minimize ribbon
Ctrl+x, Ctrl+c, Ctrl+v Cut, Copy, and Paste
Ctrl+z/Ctrl+y Undo / Redo previous text change
Ctrl+s Save a record
Esc Close a record
Delete Delete text
Shift+Delete Delete selected text immediately without putting it on the Clipboard
Ctrl+[/Ctrl+] Move to the first tab / last tab on the ribbon
Ctrl+Arrow Right/Ctrl+Arrow Left Move the insertion point to the start of the next word / start of the previous word
Ctrl+a Select all text in the current field
Alt+Space Display the System menu for the active window
Shift+F10 Display the shortcut menu for the selected item
Esc Cancel the current task or command, or close a selected list or dialog box
Arrow Up/Arrow Down Move up / move down through a list of records
Enter Open the selected record
Ctrl+a Select all records on the current page
Ctrl+Shift+3 Jump to the sitemap
Ctrl+Shift+7 Open the recently viewed pages and view menu
Shift+Arrow Up/Shift+Arrow Down Select multiple rows in a list sequentially
Tab to the check box, then Spacebar Select multiple rows in a list non-sequentially
Ctrl+Enter Publish Form Editor customization

2. Dialog Box Shortcuts

Tab/Shift+Tab Move to the next / move to previous option or option group
Enter Complete the command for the active option or button
Arrow Keys Move between options in an open list, or between options in a group of options
Esc Cancel a command, or close a selected list or dialog box

3. Forms

Ctrl+s/Shift+F12 Save
Alt+s Save and close
Esc Cancel edits and close (Close)
Space/Enter Open search
Backspace Delete text from search field
Ctrl+d Delete the record
Ctrl+Shift+s Save and then open a new form (Save and New)
Tab/Shift+Tab Move forward / backwards through the form’s fields
Alt+Arrow Down Open the lookup menu with the most recently used items in alphabetical order
Ctrl+Shift+2 Open the list menu
Ctrl+>/Ctrl+< Navigate to the next / previous item on the list